Privacy policy

Please read carefully!

By using the website (hereinafter the website), the user expresses his consent to the Privacy Policy. The website reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy at its discretion. The user assumes responsibility for reviewing the updated version of the Privacy Policy, in accordance with which the rules for using the website are regulated.

The main points:

  • The website collects some information about the user that is personal, but the user decides by himself how much to provide it.
  • The website agrees not to sell or provide the personal data of the user to third parties under any circumstances.
  • The website may use the personal information of the user in order to contact him for the purpose of commercial offers, news, as well as other information of interest to users.

Collection of personal information

In use, the website prompts the user to provide certain personal information by filling out a form. The decision to fill out or refusal to fill out forms is made by the user. The site may ask him to provide personal data, for example, name and surname, email address, phone number and other information identifying the user. Depending on the type of service, some personal information must be provided without fail, while other information is provided at will. If the user does not provide the information necessary to provide a particular service, such a service cannot be provided to him.

By providing information to the website, you agree that this information may be sent outside the borders of Ukraine, and is also stored and processed by the website.

Use of personal information

The site collects information about the user, which is personal in nature, in order to help the user in obtaining this or that information or services. When a user enters their data, they become visible only to him and to the site administrator.

Choice possibility

To maintain confidentiality, the user is not obligated to provide the website with information that may cause inconvenience. However, the use of website resources is not possible without the provision of some personal information, which is mandatory.

Use of Cookies

In order to improve the performance of the website, the website uses cookies to record (record) user visits. A cookie is a small file that is transmitted to the user's browser using a web server and can only be recognized by the server that sent it. Such files cannot be used as executable programs or for introducing viruses.

The settings of most browsers allow you to accept cookies by default. The user can configure the browser in such a way as to receive messages from him about the appearance of a cookie. In this case, the user gets the opportunity to decide whether to accept or reject it. For some sites requiring authorization, cookies are required. Users who reject cookies on such sites are more likely to be unable to use their resources.

We use cookies to track visits to the website and our website automatically records the IP / Internet address of the user's computer. This type of data does not allow personally identifying the user, that is, his anonymity will be preserved, unless he himself provides the site with information about himself.

Privacy Claims

If the user has an opinion that the website has not fulfilled its obligations to comply with this Privacy Policy, it can send a letter of complaint to the email address -

The letter should describe in as much detail as possible how the site, in the opinion of the user, violated the Privacy Policy. All complaints will be dealt with properly.

If the user does not agree with the Privacy Policy of the website, then he is not recommended to use the website.

This document was last updated on November 10, 2019